NP-KiSS - Neuropsychologisches Kitteltaschen-Schlagfanfall-Screening (de)

Kaesberg ( S. )
L. J. ( Flitsch )
Kalbe ( E. )
Kessler ( J. )
Fink ( G. R. )
Publication Year
Hogrefe, Germany 
The NP-KiSS is a brief, neuropsychological screening procedure for examining patients with stroke. The test gives you a quick overview of possible deficits in those cognitive areas that are frequently affected by stroke. Improve the prognosis of your patients and use NP-KiSS as initial screening as early as possible after a stroke, on the stroke unit or from rehabilitation phase B onwards. The handy procedure can be carried in the coat pocket and performed at the bedside within a short time. 
Within a few minutes, the NP-KiSS provides an initial overview of possible cognitive deficits in the areas of language, praxia, visual-spatial performance, executive functions and memory with the help of nine subtests. These areas are most frequently affected in patients with stroke and significantly influence the prognosis of treatment. The earliest possible diagnosis of stroke-induced cognitive deficits is therefore of utmost relevance. In the evaluation, nine outcome scores are formed, which are compared with cut-off values for impairments. The NP-KiSS is used even before diagnostics with other, more detailed screening and testing instruments. It contains a limited number of items and serves as a first, short and uncomplicated "guide". It is recommended that, after initial stabilization of the patient, more detailed neuropsychological diagnostics, e.g., with the KöpSS, should follow in the event of abnormal results in the NP-KiSS. 
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