FEW-3 - Frostigs Entwicklungstest der visuellen Wahrnehmung -3 (de)

Büttner ( G. )
Dacheneder ( W. )
C. ( Müller )
Schneider ( W. )
Hasselhorn ( M. )
Publication Year
Hogrefe, Germany 
The FEW-3 is used as a single test for children in the age range 4;0 to 10;11 years. The test can be used by all professionals in the field of diagnostics, therapy and research (psychologists, occupational therapists, pedagogues, physicians as well as other diagnosticians) who are interested in assessing the developmental status of children's visual perception. The FEW-3 is used to identify children with visual perception problems or visuo-motor integration problems. Other areas of application include evaluation of treatment interventions and research. 
The FEW-3 is the German version of the Developmental Test of Visual Perception 3 (DTVP-3) and the successor of the well-established developmental diagnostic procedure FEW-2. It is designed to assess visual perception abilities in a differentiated manner. It explicitly distinguishes between motor-reduced and visuo-motor components.

The FEW-3 consists of a total of five subtests: (1) eye-hand coordination, (2) drawing, (3) figure-ground, (4) shape closure, and (5) shape constancy. The first two subtests are used to form the Visuo-motor Integration (VMI) index. The other three subtests are incorporated into the index motor-reduced visual perception (MRVW). An overall Global Visual Perception (GVW) score is calculated from all five subtests.

Compared to the previous version, the FEW-2, the FEW-3 has been completely revised and re-normed. The test now contains only five subtests instead of eight. The age range for use of the FEW-3 has been expanded. The guidelines for dealing with values in the extreme ranges were adapted, and the scoring guidelines were made more precise and partly modified. The test material was largely taken over from the American original and partially adapted to the German language area. Compared to the FEW-2, all materials have been revised. Materials from FEW-2 can therefore not be used in FEW-3. 
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