WVT - Würzburger Vorschultest (de)

D. ( Endlich )
N. ( Berger )
Küspert ( P. )
Lenhard ( W. )
Marx ( P. )
J. ( Weber )
Schneider ( W. )
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Hogrefe, Germany 
The WVT allows for the assessment of writing and mathematical precursor skills and competencies in the last year of kindergarten. Suitable areas of application are early intervention, counseling and school entry diagnostics. The method can be used by kindergarten teachers and therapists as well as by teachers in the context of school entry diagnostics. Single test. 
The WVT measures precursor skills that are of great importance for the learning of central cultural skills (reading, arithmetic, writing). The test enables a reliable diagnosis of early literacy and mathematical skills for children with developmental risks, but also for those with developmental advantages over children with more normal abilities. The WVT is composed of three modules (content areas) with a total of 29 subtests: Early written language skills: Phonological Information Processing and Letter Knowledge; 81 individual items in 11 subtests. Language skills: Vocabulary, sentence comprehension, grammar; 77 individual tasks in 7 subtests. Mathematical (precursor) skills: Counting skills, knowledge of sets, seriation, knowledge of numbers, naming cube pictures, arithmetic operations; 72 individual tasks in 11 subtests. The three modules can be obtained and administered as a complete test, but also independently of each other and each as a stand-alone diagnostic procedure. 
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