DISYPS-III - Diagnostik-System für Psychische Störungen nach ICD-10 und DSM-5 für Kinder und Jugendliche - III

Döpfner ( M. )
Görtz-Dorten ( A. )
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Hogrefe, Germany 
DISYPS-III is the revised version of DISYPS-II and is used to assess mental disorders in children and adolescents. The materials available allow both a dimensional assessment and a categorical diagnosis of mental disorders according to ICD-10 and DSM-5. In addition, a screening is now available with which indications of a broad spectrum of mental disorders can be collected in a relatively short time, so that disorder-specific instruments of the DISYPS system can then be used in a targeted manner. The screening also includes self-assessments and assessments by others (parents, teachers/educators) as well as a diagnostic checklist.  
The content of all DISYPS-II instruments was revised to reflect the changes in DSM-5. In addition, new instruments were developed for further disorder areas (trauma and stress-related disorders, attachment and relationship disorders). New representative norms are also available for some procedures and additional clinical norms for most procedures. The results on the psychometric analyses have been expanded.

DISYPS-III covers the most important disorder areas in childhood and adolescence:

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Social behavior disorders
Depressive disorders
Anxiety disorders
Trauma and stress-related disorders
Obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders
Tic disorders
Autism spectrum and social communication disorders
Attachment and relationship disorders

All parts of the DISYPS-III are stand-alone and can be combined as needed 
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