SETK-2 - Sprachentwicklungstest für zweijährige Kinder (de)

Grimm ( H. )
Publication Year
Hogrefe, Germany 
Children aged 2;0-2;11 years and older children with known developmental disabilities (including hearing impairment, intellectual disability, autism, sensory disabilities). The SETK-2 is suitable for testing the level of language development and for clarifying developmental disorders in the linguistic area. Single test. 
The SETK-2 measures receptive and productive language processing ability with four subtests, using test material appropriate for children. A short form of the test can be used as a screening instrument to identify children at risk. Since its appearance 15 years ago, the SETK-2 has been widely used in practice and also in research. It is still the only standardized and normed individual test in the German-speaking world that is suitable for an accurate and prognostically valid assessment of the language development status of two-year-old children. The present second edition is not only externally modified and more readable, but also features important changes in content. Essential is the new standardization on the basis of an actual sample of 374 children. Based on the long experience with the test, the introductory chapters have been updated and, in particular, the test administration and scoring have been expanded with additions and very concrete assistance (such as "tips and pitfalls"). The evaluation criteria have been revised and systematized. The subtest "Production II: Sentences" has been fundamentally revised and simplified. In the new chapter 6 "Frequently Asked Questions", very specific questions about implementation, evaluation and application are answered. 
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