FRAKIS - Fragebogen zur frühkindlichen Sprachentwicklung (de)

S. ( Szagun )
B. ( Stumper )
S. A. ( Schramm )
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Pearson, United States 
FRAKIS and FRAKIS-K are parent questionnaires for assessing the language level of children aged 1;6 to 2;6 years. If language development is slow, the questionnaires can also be used with slightly older children. FRAKIS-K is the short form of FRAKIS and is particularly suitable for use in the pediatrician's office as part of the U7 screening examinations. If more detailed information about the language status is required, the long FRAKIS can be used in a counseling center or logopedic practice. In addition to use in early diagnostics, the questionnaires can be used for research purposes - especially with large samples - and with older children with impairments 
FRAKIS-K and FRAKIS can be used to assess whether a child is within the normal range of early language development or belongs to the "late talkers". FRAKIS consists of a vocabulary section and a grammar section. The vocabulary list contains 600 words that correspond to the vocabulary of young children. The grammar section consists of an inflectional morphology section that queries the grammatical paradigms whose acquisition typically begins during early language development. The grammatical structures are reviewed using examples from children's speech. In another section, sentence examples are used to inquire about the state of sentence formation. In addition to assessing a child relative to the age norm, FRAKIS allows for an individual language acquisition profile and thus reveals strengths and weaknesses in grammar status.

FRAKIS-K consists of a vocabulary list of 102 words and three questions about grammar status. The 102 words are those from the vocabulary list of 600 of the long FRAKIS, which optimally distinguishes between children with slow and fast language development. Responses to the three simple questions on grammar in the FRAKIS-K correlate highly with measures of detailed coverage of grammar status by the FRAKIS. 
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