BASC 3 - Behavior Assessment System for children third Edition

Reynolds ( C. R. )
Kamphaus ( R.W. )
Publication Year
The Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition (BASC-3) is a multimodal and multidimensional system for assessing the behavior and experience of children and adolescents aged 3;0 to 17;11 years. Parent and teacher questionnaires, as well as self-report assessments, provide insight into children's and adolescents' adaptive and maladaptive behaviors in specific contexts from a variety of perspectives and, especially when combined, provide comprehensive information about an adolescent's problems, as well as personal strengths and possible intervention approaches. 
The BASC-3 consists of three different groups of questionnaires (parent EFB, teacher LFB, self-assessment SEP) divided into three age groups (preschool, child, adolescent). The self-assessment is available for children aged 6 to 7 years in interview form and from 8 years on as a questionnaire. For all questionnaires, different scale scores (e.g., aggressiveness, attention problems, anxiety, resilience), total scores and indices (e.g., school problems, adaptive skills, total index of behavioral problems) can be calculated. Using standardized norm values (T-scores, percentile ranks), the results obtained show how a child's or adolescent's behavior and experiences compare to their peers.

The BASC-3 can be conducted and evaluated digitally on Q-global (including additional scale and total values). 
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