BOT 2 - Bruininks-Oseretzky Test der motorischen Fähigkeiten 2. Ausgabe (de)

R. H. ( Bruininks )
B. D. ( Bruininks )
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Pearson, United States 
Assessment of motor skills of children aged 4;0 to 14;11 in the context of pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy and motopedics. Individual. 
The BOT-2™ is used to assess the motor skills of children and adolescents. The test procedure is characterized by child-oriented motor tasks relevant to everyday life, such as painting, cutting, balancing, catching a ball, running, etc. The 53 tasks can be assigned to the following sub-tests: 1. fine motor accuracy, 2. fine motor integration, 3. hand dexterity. The 53 tasks can be categorized into the following subtests: 1. fine motor accuracy, 2. fine motor integration, 3. hand dexterity, 4. bilateral coordination, 5. balance, 6. speed and dexterity, 7. ball skills, and 8. strength. The BOT-2™ covers numerous fine and gross motor skills with these eight subtests, which can be grouped into four motor skill domains and an overall motor skill score: Fine Motor Control, Hand Coordination, Body Coordination, Strength and Dexterity, Total Value. In addition to the standard version, an abridged version with 19 selected tasks of the overall test can be performed. In the German-language adaptation, the task and scoring instructions for the test administrator were expanded and made more precise. The test material was expanded and improved according to qualitative aspects. 
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